There is a rather unique back story of Z-Triton. Aigars, the Founder, cycled from London to Tokyo and came up with the idea of amphibious e-camper while staying for a few months in Shanghai. Z-Triton is his take on a cycle-touring upgrade. Take a look at how it’s evolved over the time.


Z-Triton Ships Worldwide

Right after the completion of Z-Triton 2.0 pop-up trials and testing starts in autumn (Europe). The first few units sold and manufactured for European market in late 2021 / early 2022. Volume production kicks in and rentals start in the summer of 2022 followed by the first deliveries to North America. Z-Triton goes global.


Beta / Z-Triton 2.0 - Completed

The new iteration / 2.0 / production model / beta / pilot - done and ready for late summer action.


Beta / Z-Triton 2.0 - Prototyping & Testing

3D printing, CNC milling, welding, moulding, casting, soldering and lots of tests performed to get to the best possible product. Lots of work is done in close collaboration with our manufacturing partners like Prestol.


Z-Factory / Workshop Established

Latvian town called Valmiera on the river Gauja becomes the base for Z-Triton manufacturing assembly. Equipped with R&D, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly tools the company is gearing up for production of the first batch.


Beta / Z-Triton 2.0 - Design & Engineering

Having validdated the concept with massive interest from media, public and people willing to place pre-orders the works on Beta began. Core team established. Four pre-seed angel investors onboard. Mnaufacturing partners found. Production model designed to have various functionality & performance improvements.


Alpha Prototype / Z-Triton 1.0 Completed

Design prototype of Z-Triton completed and ready for action. Test-runs, trials, amazing experiences, media photo / video sessions and loads of fun takes place right after the amphibian is built. It storms through news and social media worldwide.


Early prototyping

3D modelling, CNC milling, woodworking (Kārlis Zemītis), metalworking (Gatis Kreicbergs), 3D printing and lots of creativity were used by ZELTINI to create the alpha prototype of Z-Triton Bootstrapping / part-time.



Right after the return home Aigars rolls up the sleeves and sets up his design & prototyping studio - ZELTINI with a mission to change the world. Creativity, sustainability, fun, ethics and other key values defines the work of ZELTINI studio. Equipped with rapid prototyping tools the work on ideas begins.


Aigars Completes LONDON – TOKYO - HOME Bicycle Journey

In Tokyo, after 30,000+ km, Aigars turns around and takes Trans-Siberian train from Vladivostok to Moscow, cycles to his native Latvia and resettles in the ancestral house built by his greatgrandfather. The life-changing 4 year cycle journey is complete. For more info check out his BLOG


Initial idea & concept model – Shanghai

While still on the road and staying for a few months in Shanghai Aigars comes up with an idea of how to upgrade cycle touring. Tiny house-boat-trike is born. Initial sketches lead to the creation of the first mock-up model at his tiny apartment and the first tests in the local city park.


Aigars Cycles London - Shanghai.

After being based in London for 6 years Aigars (the Founder & CEO) embarks on a solo cycletouring journey across Eurasia, 30,000km and 4 years with 4 stops to work as a designer in Istanbul, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai. For more info check out his BLOG.